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Medicine Balls

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Podium medicine balls are made in the UK. For more than 15 years they have been extensively used by athletes and coaches alike at every level and in every sport.

Our years of experience in manufacturing, persistent desire to produce the best products possible, combined with the keenest and invaluable feedback received  from athletes and coaches in the UK and abroad. We are  proud to be offering  what are arguably the best medicine balls available on the market today.

The full range of Podium Medicine Balls is available in a variety of weights and sizes starting from 500gm go right up to 10kg. The diameters vary from 12cm to 40cm. Podium medicine balls are perfectly balanced and they are not filled with any material to make the weight - The wall-thickness and the size of the moulded ball determines the weight of each ball. 

Podium medicine balls are air-cushioned and they produce a moderate bounce which is ideal for performing repetitive rebounding training exercises. They are fitted with a  quality rubber valve which can be  used to re-inflate the ball when the air needs topping up.

Podium medicine balls are available for purchase in the UK direct from Podium Balls (the manufacturer) or from a very limited distributor list. Quality is totally guaranteed against any production defects.

Podium training balls also include the roped-medicine ball, the handle-gripped ball, the wide range of throwing balls, javelin balls rubber hammers, indoor shots, rubber discus and more. All made with great pride in Great Britain.

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